COVID-19 Updates

The Bodyworx Physiotherapy and Pilates Classes have resumed in Clinic.  As well, we are pleased to continue to offer Teleheath Physio and On-line Pilates.  There are new safety protocols in-place at Bodyworx and we have modified our staff and patient scheduling in order to minimize wait times and foot traffic in the clinic. 


Pilates classes are running in six week sessions.  The schedule of classes is under the Pilates Tab here on the website.  We are also offering Private Pilates Classes - a one-on-one instruction for fitness or rehabilitation.


Please see our Covid-19 Safety Protocol below.   We wish for you to feel comfortable visiting Bodyworx and we are available to answer any questions you may have – please call us at 250-339-5540 or email at  with any questions.


 We look forward to welcoming you back to Bodyworx for Physiotherapy and Pilates. 


Bodyworx Physiotherapy Covid-19 Clinic Protocol

The safety of our patients, staff and community are of utmost importance to us. We have implemented several changes to our policies on the recommendation of our Provincial Health Officer, professional associations, regulatory bodies, and WorkSafeBC.

We are happy to be welcoming you back to Bodyworx Physiotherapy.  Here are some of the changes you will see on your next visit to the clinic:


Health Screening:

We are asking that clients do not come to their appointment if they are feeling unwell or if someone they have been in recent contact with, are unwell.  We will be requiring you to complete a Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire.  If you have not completed this online, we will be asking you to complete this upon entering the clinic (before your appointment begins).

Please note, staff are also asked these questions each day before starting their shift as part of their daily screening.


Our Staff will be wearing masks for your safety and we request you to wear a mask as well.  We encourage you to bring your own mask (or a buff or bandana) that covers your nose and mouth.  If you don’t have one, you can obtain a disposable mask in the Bodyworx Reception area for $2. 

Hand Sanitizing:

Once you enter the clinic, you must stop at the hand sanitizing station and sanitize your hands.   Hand sanitizer will be available at any time during the treatment and as you are leaving the clinic.


In the interest of safety for patients and staff with respect to reducing the transmission of COVID-19, staff members will not work at other facilities except through Telehealth and other remote practices.


Appointments will be spaced to allow the minimum of client interaction in clinic and staff will be on a staggered schedule to encourage physical distancing.  Whether you arrive at the clinic by vehicle, bicycle or on foot, we ask that you please wait outside of the clinic or in your vehicle until your scheduled appointment time and then enter through the wooden doors.  


Personal Items:

Please leave all non-essential personal items – including jackets, bags, phones, water bottles, etc in your vehicle or at home.


Clinic Traffic:

There is one point of entry to the clinic (big wooden door) which will bring you to the main reception desk.  A separate exit will be down the ramp just adjacent to the front hallway.

Time of Arrival:   We ask that you arrive punctually for your appointment to avoid crowding the waiting room area.

If you have not been able to complete the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire online, please arrive 10 minutes early so you can complete this in-clinic before your scheduled appointment time.

Please let the Reception Desk know of your arrival.  When you have been checked in for your appointment, your Practitioner will come to get you from the reception area and take you to the treatment room.

Unless you require assistance, we request that you come into the clinic for your appointment without friends or family members.


Clinic Sanitizing:

The Physiotherapists/Massage Therapist will be responsible for sanitizing treatment rooms and all equipment and high touch surfaces after each use. 

The Reception staff will be responsible for cleaning reception area, including counter tops, door handles, chairs and washrooms on an hourly basis.  The Point of Sale machine will be sanitized after each use.  The phone and computer will be sanitized after each shift.  

All magazines and unnecessary furnishings have been removed from the waiting room and treatment rooms.

Exercise Area / Pilates Studio:

We are currently in the midst of a plan for the Pilates Studio Classes.  At this time, physio exercises can be completed in the private treatment areas or under the guidance of a Physiotherapist / Physiotherapy Assistant in the Pilates Studio.



We encourage you to use the washroom at home prior to your appointment.  We request that washroom use is limited to essential circumstances only.  As our washrooms require sanitization after each use, please advise administration staff if you have used the washroom.



We would appreciate if payment can be made by contactless credit/debit card if possible.  Please inform the Reception Desk if you have special billing circumstances.



You will be asked to proceed toward the exit down the hallway toward the wheelchair ramp.  The Receptionist will be making every effort to avoid overlapping foot traffic in this space.

Please sanitize your hands one more time on the way out.  This is also the point at which paper masks may be disposed of in the waist bin near the exit.  Always sanitize your hands once again after removing your mask. 



Our cancellation policy is 24 hours notice.  However, we will have leniency in our 24-hour cancellation policy towards illness related to potential COVID-19 symptoms.


We thank you so very much for your consideration as we all adjust to these new safety precautions.  We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you for your visit!


Bodyworx Covid-19 Pilates Studio Protocol

We are excited and grateful to welcome you back into the Bodyworx studio for physically distanced appointments and classes. Our Physiotherapy Services will continue to run alongside our In-Studio Services to offer you a comprehensive roster of classes and rehabilitation to support you in health, wellness, vitality and community connection. Here is what we are doing to support the safety of our team, participants and valued community.

We will be implementing the following protocols during the COVID -19 epidemic to ensure the utmost protection for everyone who enters Bodyworx:

Studio Flow:

  • We request that you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your session.
  • Pilates Participants will enter the front door (big wooden door) and turn right into the Pilates Studio.
  • Please sanitize hands upon entrance to reception area. We recommend you do so prior to leaving as well.
  • All apparatus will be physically distanced throughout the studio.
  • All clients will be asked to wear a mask in the studio. You are welcome to bring your own mask or you may purchase a disposable mask from Reception for $2.
  • An individual bin system will be used for shoes and any personal belongs for you to take to your reformer. Each bin will be numbered.  Please take it with you to the matching Reformer Number.  Reformer #1 will be furthest from the entrance door and Reformer #4 will be closest to the entrance door.
  • You will Exit through the other side of the Pilates Studio through the double French Doors and proceed into the Reception area, turn right down the hallway and exit the building through the door that leads to the ramp.
  • At the end of your session, please take your bin with you to the exit door and after removing your belongings, please leave it in the designated area by the door for sanitization.


  Safety Measures and Cleaning Protocols:

  • Our cleaning schedule will increase in frequency and we will ensure that disinfecting will be done on all common surfaces (including the Bathroom and the Reception Area).
  • We request that the washroom be used for essential circumstances only – if required, please use the washroom on the main floor at the end of the hallway on the right.
  • Instructors will thoroughly sanitize equipment between classes using medical grade disinfectant.
  • Deep cleaning of all studio surfaces will occur on a regular basis.


 Staff Education:

  • All staff members will be informed and asked to enforce surface disinfecting protocols for all classes.
  • As information comes available from the Health Authority and the College of Physiotherapists, our staff will be updated on how to identify infection risks, and work to observe the health of all class members. In the event that a staff member feels that a participant may pose a risk of infection to the others in the class, the instructor will take steps to protect the overall health of the class.


Class Scheduling:

  • All classes will be 55 minutes to allow for ease of scheduling, sanitizing and a smooth transition between clients.
  • New scheduling will allow 20 minutes between each session for appropriate cleaning.
  • For now, Reformer class sizes are limited to 4 people per class.
  • All classes must be paid for prior to participating.
  • Please respect our 24-hour cancellation policy. It will be waived in cases of illness for in-person group classes.  For private sessions, in the case of a late cancellation due to illness, a virtual session may take place if able.


Studio Etiquette:

  • Our studio is fragrance free to provide a fresh clean breathing environment for all to enjoy.
  • Please turn cell phones to silent.
  • You are encouraged to wear socks with grip bottoms in the studio for hygiene and safety during classes. We have Toe Sox available for purchase at Bodyworx Reception.


Teaching Protocols:

  • Teachers will maintain safe distance and refraining from tactile cueing at this time.
  • Students will be responsible for adjusting their own apparatus with guidance from the instructor.
  • Small Equipment Mat classes will continue online through our Live Streaming classes throughout the summer (see schedule at Reception or on our website).
  • Pilates Small Equipment Grab Bags are available to purchase through Bodyworx. These are $25 and include a Pilates Theraband, a golf ball, a covered tennis ball and a Stability Ball. This equipment will allow a “Reformer-Like” experience at home.


COVID-19 Screening:

 ** All participants will be required to complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire within 2 hours of their class.  This will be emailed to you and can be printed, completed and scanned and emailed back to us or brought with you or you can complete when you arrive at the studio.


We ask all members who feel that they may be at risk of exposure or in ill health to refrain coming to class until they are confident they are not infected.  For this reason, we will offer those taking Reformer classes or other private/semi-private lessons who feel that they may be at risk the opportunity to cancel their class at any time for health-related issues without penalty during the COVID-19 crisis. 


Please understand that this policy for the protection of spread will also affect our instructors, and so to limit their chance of passing on infection, they may need to cancel a class the same day with little notice. We will, as always, look to find a substitute instructor if possible, but in the event this is not possible, we will reach out to you to communicate the class change as soon as possible and reschedule as soon as is reasonable. We appreciate your understanding in advance. 

Should you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Lilly or Wendy at Bodyworx.



Be well!


Bodyworx Physiotherapy, Pilates and Health