Pilates is currently one of the fastest growing forms of exercise, reaching a large variety of countries and cultures worldwide. It has developed from the rehabilitation techniques of a man named Joseph Pilates, into a variety of different methods. The method used at Bodyworx Pilates & Health is called STOTT Pilates.

The STOTT Pilates repertoire consists of more than 500 systematic mat and equipment based mind-body exercises. It involves balancing  prepatory, essential, intermediate and advanced level exercises to deliver uniquely effective workout formats.

STOTT Pilates is an exercise method developed by a woman named Moira Merrithew, who received her training and certification from Romana Kryzanowska, a direct student of Joseph Pilates.

Collaborating with sports medicine professionals and physical therapists, Moira has spent over ten years updating the original exercise method to include modern exercise science and spinal rehabilitation principles to optimize safety and effectiveness. It is an anatomically based approach to the original exercises by Joseph Pilates incorporating the research that Moira has conducted to eliminate contra-indicated movements while emphasizing neutral alignment, core stability and periferal mobility.

July 27 to Sept 4, 2020 Pilates Session