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Scoliosis / Scheueremann's Kyphosis Management

The onset of both Scoliosis and Scheuremann's Kyphosis is most often identified during the teenage years and, in some cases, abnormal spinal curves can be seen even earlier in childhood. 

A growing child with Scoliosis must be identified and treated as early as possible to assess the risk of progression, provide exercise and, if needed, hands on therapy to facilitate the best possible outcome as the child continues to grow.

Up to 60% of all adults have some form of Scoliosis - either from childhood or from structural changes in the spine that occur with aging such as asymetrical osteoporatic fractures, disc or facet degeneration.

A large part of our physiotherapy treatment for both Scoliosis and Scheuremann's Kyphosis focuses on education and movement re-training.  Your physiotherapist will work with you to find the best sleep positions, work place set-ups, and analyze posture, with the goal of helping you develop healthy postural habits that are functional and sustainable.


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