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Class Descriptions

PILATES 1 - “Pilates 1” is your introduction to everything Pilates! Learn the basic principles of Pilates technique while working out on Reformer, Chair, and Mat. Each class will work your core with a focus on overall Strength and flexibility, as well as the ability to calm and focus your mind.

PILATES 2 - “Pilates 2” continue with the practice of Pilates on Reformer, Chair and Mat while increasing intensity with resistance, pace and the introduction of new exercises and props. This allows each person to have a great workout and a better understanding of their body. Prerequisite: PILATES 1

PILATES 3 - “Pilates 3” you'll move through the essential Pilates work with ease and understanding while achieving an entire mind-body workout with more new props and exercises. Prerequisite: PILATES 2

ULTIMATE PILATES - Once you have built strength and confidence with levels 1-3, challenge yourself with our “Ultimate Pilates”. Each class will be quick paced and full of intermediate exercises and variations that will keep your body and mind in tip top shape! Prerequisite: PILATES 3

SUNRISE PILATES - A rejuvinating way to begin your day, Sunrise Pilates begins first thing at 6:15am.  Wake yourself up, strengthen your core and jump start your morning as our certified instructors lead you  into your day.

Bump up your yoga/Pilates practices by adding the challenge of STOTT Reformers and Vinyasa Triangles. This class will add stability to traditional yoga poses and dynamic to classic Pilates principles. Either yoga or Pilates experience is recommended for this core blasting, endurance building workout.

* Please consult your instructor to make sure you will be both safe and successful in the class you choose!

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Bodyworx Physiotherapy and Pilates is open for In-Clinic Physiotherapy and In-Studio Pilates. As well, we are pleased to continue to offer Teleheath Physio and On-line Pilates. For our safety protocols..