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Pilates Equipment

MATWORK - Matwork is an essential part of the Pilates lifestyle due to the fact it can be practised anywhere. This part of each workout is for those new to the technique as well as for the experienced, to introduce and develop the foundation of the STOTT Pilates syllabus. The use of small equipment is also incorporated to add challenge and to build strength.

CHAIR - This sturdy piece of equipment helps the exerciser achieve upper- and lower-body strength and conditioning, enhance stability and improve body control. The smaller base of support and dual pedals allow for bilateral, unilateral and reciprocal movements to increase intensity and overall balance.

REFORMER - The Reformer, which resembles a sleek rowing machine, is the key piece of equipment used in Pilates workouts. The Reformer allows users to work their entire body and challenges core stability against resistance. Throughout the entire workout, the arms and legs are moving, improving strength, co-ordination, flexibility and balance.

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Bodyworx Physiotherapy and Pilates is open for In-Clinic Physiotherapy and In-Studio Pilates. As well, we are pleased to continue to offer Teleheath Physio and On-line Pilates. For our safety protocols..