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In March 2008, my dramatic  fall resulted in a fractured pelvis at the hlp joint and pubic bone. When the orthopaedic surgeon read the MRl, I was sent to bed. I obeyed because I am a senior with arthritis and full-blown osteoporosis, and I was worried that the injury might not heal. After 5 weeks primarily horizontal, then onto crutches and eventually a cane, the orthopaedic  surgeon  asked me to contract  my buttock muscles. A pinch test revealed that I had no muscle!  What a shock to lose strength and balance! 

So with permission  to start physiotherapy, I had the the good fortune to sign up with Lynn at Bodyworx. And from there I learned that I could add sessions with Rachel at the Pilates studio. I credit the conscientious and encouraging Bodyworx team for my recovery. 

Now I embrace Pilates for injury prevention and although  I was keen  about bicycling  and hiking before the injury, I can feel the Pilates exercises are helping me become even stronger than I was before the fall. Thanks Bodyworx Team!

- Shirley Dumas

Bodyworx fixed me! I am a health care worker.  I had pain everywhere - lower back, shoulders and feet.  My feet were so sore that when I got up at night I didn’t think that my feet would support me! I was unhappy, and in pain all the time.

I started to see Lynn Brandon in 2012, Lynn got me to work on the reformer the first day. I describe the Pilates reformer as the machine that keeps my body in the correct position as I make the correct movment. The benefits I have received since starting at Bodyworx have been many.  My feet no longer hurt, my lower back never hurts anymore, and my shoulders are far less painful.  As a result I am more active. Since seeing Lynn and engaging my core through Pilates, I have lost 75 lbs.

When my Mom broke her hip last year I recommended that she go to Bodyworx.  She worked hard and now she is back enjoying being in the garden again, she is in her 70s and without Bodyworx I don’t know if she would have ever been able to garden again. The Bodyworx team is truly amazing!  I love Bodyworx! 

- Kate Elhorn

Two years have passed since I was successfully treated by Lynn Brandon. I never thought I would embrace an active, balanced lifestyle again. My body is well, thus my spirits are up.  How wonderful it is not to feel discomfort daily. You offer amazing care that is second to none. Your environment is welcoming, calming and positive. Thank you!

- Adele Patterson

After experiencing debilitating plantar fasciitis from exercising, I tried everything; orthotics helped somewhat, taping helped too but was not practical.  After a year of suffering I found relief with extracorporeal shockwave.  After three treatments I am back running and exercising in comfort.  I am a true believer.  Thanks Lynn Brandon and staff! 

- Dr. Dave Dowe, Optometrist

Bodyworx Physio is not just a place to go and get help and training.  It is made up of the extraordinary family of talented individuals that work there.  It is a place I can call home.  It is a safe place to hand over what ails my body and mind and receive the compassion, expert advice, training, empathy and encouragement that my spirit needs to move forward.  There is a mutual understanding that we are on this journey together and that I am not alone.  A safe place to land, a safe place to recover and a safe place to make new discoveries about your mental and physical being.  Thank you Bodyworx!!!.

-Angela Walker

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